Eric Brown - Patterns - mp3 Download

Track List
1. Intro
2. Walden Pond
3. Film School
4. Anxious
5. Mobile Home
6. Jr. Nihilist
7. Hotdog Dinner
8. Bad Riff - A Single Clap
9. The Waterlillies
10. Discipline
11. Jr. Creationist
12. Conversion Song
13. Reject Comfort and Love
14. Just Wanna Be Dead
15. Heroin, TN
16. Jr. Wrestling Champion
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Written and performed by Eric Brown 
Live Sound Recording: Jeremy Hellwig  
Mastering and Editing: Mike Petrowich  
Album Art Design: Jay Whitecotton  
Recorded Live at Heavy Anchor, STL on October 12, 2017.  

Special Thanks to Sarah, Ori, Karl, Mom, Dad, John and Ronell.  

Michael Yetman, Patrick Trowbridge, Chris Cyr and the entire St Louis comedy scene.  

All the comics everywhere that set up shows and let me sleep on their couches and everyone that came to the album recording.  

Extra special thanks to anyone that laughed at this material before it was even good.  

This album is dedicated to Uncle Fred; the funniest guy I ever met. You gave me the confidence to record this dumb thing. RIP

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