Comedy is a Strange Business

It's Wednesday. Next Tuesday I head out on the road through several shows across Iowa and into South Dakota and Nebraska. I have everything booked, some merch to take with me to sell and some couches lined up for my sleeping comfort. I really love it and am excited. It's also nerve wracking and weird because the world I'm trying to make for myself and live in is one that I have to make mistakes in before understanding the proper way to do things. I've accidentally annoyed bookers and friends, made people upset by either bothering them too much or sharing their names when maybe I shouldn't have in order to help other comics. 

This doesn't sound like much but it's the kind of thing where if you get a reputation doing anything that sucks, it can cost you bookings and help and then this whole thing falls apart. I suppose it's the kind of mistake someone could avoid if they were naturally more guarded with information...I just get to do cool stuff because others have shared that option with me so I like to share that as much as i can....but there are limits. 

Comedy starts with trial and error on stage to find out even how to tell a simple joke. Then how to build a bit then write better jokes then own a point of view and be able to build an identity that is sincere and honest while channeling all necessary info to a room of strangers. That's the hard part it seems like...but then once you start booking shows and traveling and working with people, you have to learn how to navigate the hidden business side of this stuff and that's a series of missteps you make too. The good news is most people understand whatever offense you have committed has been unintentional and holds no malice therefore, you are given a brief explanation of why what you're doing sucks and then you can stop it. 

If you don't stop it, I guess it would get worse. 

Luckily, I learn from mistakes and moving forward, will try to be even more professional regarding "comedy business". 

This blog is for no one, I just found out today that someone I respect and has helped me out has been annoyed at me sharing his name with others and he is completely justified and I feel like a dork. All is fine and we're cool but I guess in comedy, you never stop learning.

I hope someday I can learn to quit being a dumb ass.