White River Comedy: Eric Brown

White River Brewing Company, 505 W Commercial St., Springfield, MO

Garrett Smalley, Thom Gray, and the wonderful folks over at White River Brewing Company bring you "White River Comedy Night"

This month we have Eric Brown

Eric Brown is a comedian from St Louis, MO. His comedy is narrative-based and autobiographial with a silly or absurd element to his truth. Whether he's not fitting in at a punk show, cuddling with his son or yelling nice things at his wife on their wedding day - Eric is always trying his best but falling short.

Featuring for Eric we have the absolutely hilarious Stetson Banks.

Stetson Banks is a sometimes loud, often-times sweaty comedian out of Fayetteville, Ar who has become a fan-favorite anywhere he performs, from Comedy Clubs and Rock Venues to Art Galleries and Motorcycle Rallies. Armed with an attention-demanding presence and a very unique perspective, his crowd is often left wondering what just hit them.

Opening we have acts from Katie Still & Doug Jr. Driesel

Show only costs $10. Come hear some tasty jokes and sip on some hilarious drinks.