This simple new website is up and it only took me a week to make it!

Hello, everyone! 

I have a website now. It's not much to look at it but I think it works. I'm a minimalist so I say function over beauty...that's mostly because I don't know how to make things look nice. I go for clean and simple out of necessity. You wanna know why the site is grey and white? Cause those are the colors of the template I chose and yes, I tweaked them a bit, it's still very much what they gave me. When it comes to color, font and things of that nature I am truly an idiot. I don't understand it, don't get it, never have, likely never will. Hence why I kept sending copies of this thing to my design friends while they said things like "Yes, it's fine. a bit neon so fix that but fine." and "Why are you doing this to me? Not everything is about you." 

At any rate, click around, sign up for my email list if ya want, watch some videos, eventually I'll have junk for sale on here so check that out when that's relevant. Woo!